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OOOhhh MMMyyy

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

In just 3 days, 264 people viewed this blog. Today we’ve got 101 VIEWS!!! Yeah!! Now we officially have 403 views.


Woo Whoo! 300 views!

Awesome 300 views! I would like to thank everyone for viewing my food blog. Today, I got a slamming 95 views! :).




Hi guys

Hi guys! Tomorrow I’ll be posting a review on a restaurant called “Yolks” in Vancouver.


Hello Food World!!!

Hello!!! I’m Ty. I’m going to be reviewing restaurants and food trucks around Vancouver and some times in the United States. I will rate the restaurants and food trucks from 1-5 stars. 1 star is bad and 5 stars is awesome. I will also post recipes from other websites or from my family. I will post at least 1 recipe a week. I hope you enjoy my food blog!!!