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Carthage Café

Carthage Café is a quaint and rustic Tunisian-Parisian style restaurant. At the restaurant, I ordered Steak Frites 🥩🍟 (AAA Alberta New York Striploin with bordelaise sauce). The steak itself was really good. The chefs cooked the steak beautifully. It was a perfect medium-rare. The bordelaise sauce was a nice consistency and didn’t overpower the steak. The fries were seasoned quite well. But, they were just a tad on the salty side. The dish was also accompanied by a salad. Now here comes the problems. The salad was on the same plate as the fries. This was a big problem as the salad was placed right beside the steak and the fries. Also, the salad was drowning in dressing. This also made the previously stated problem worse. In the end, the salad made a third of the fries extremely soggy. In my opinion, they need to place the salad in a separate small bowl.

Food: 7 out of 10

In the end, I would recommend going to Carthage Cafe. The restaurant has some amazing different dishes that I recommend you try. But if you order Steak Frites, try to ask to put the salad in a separate bowl.  😀

Overall: 3 ½ out of 5 stars