Hey everyone,

Last night, the show I guest starred in, “You Gotta Eat Here” aired at 5:00 PM PTC. My family and I watched it last night. The first thing you see in the episode is my sister and John saying, “You Gotta Eat Here!” First up was a restaurant called the “Riverside Inn”, then it was “Yolks Restaurant & Commissary”. “Yolks Restaurant and Commissary” is the restaurant I filmed with. The last restaurant in the episode was a restaurant called “Olympus Burger”. It was pretty cool watching myself on television. I got to see myself make the Duck Confit Eggs Benedict and watch my sister eat whipped cream on television! (My sister loves whipped cream.) I also got to see my sister and I eat other dishes off the menu and talk about how delicious the are.

I would like to thank John Catucci, Steven Ewing, the Food Network and the whole “You Gotta Eat Here” crew for making my dream of being on the Food Network come true. I loved being on the show. Thank you!


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