Rice Krispies Football Recipe


I am sorry I didn’t post this yesterday before the Grey Cup, but I didn’t have time because, I had my own championship tackle football game. We use this recipe every time I have a big football game. I found it at Save on Foods last year before my playoff game, and we made it. It was delicious. I hope you like it.

Rice Krispies Footballs

Serves: 16

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 5 mins



1/4 cup unsalted butter

4 cups mini marshmallows

1/3 cup cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

5 cups Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal


1/4 cup cream cheese, softened

1 tbsp butter, softened

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup icing sugar



  • Melt butter in a Dutch oven or a large heavy-bottomed sauce pan set over medium-low heat. Add marshmallows and cocoa; stir until melted. Remove from heat. Add vanilla and cereal and stir until well coated; cool slightly.
  • With buttered hands, shape into footballs, about 1 1/2 by 3-inch (4 by 7.5 cm each).


  • Using electric beaters, beat cream cheese with butter and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in icing sugar until smooth. Scape into small re-sealable plasic bag; snip corner.
  • Pipe icing to resemble the stripes and laces on each football.

Thanks and enjoy.



Meat and Bread- West Cambie


Hello everyone,

First off I would like to say that this is not one of the posts I need to catch up on. I actually reviewed Meat and Bread yesterday. We went there for lunch. So I hope you like it and away we go!

When we first entered we were hit with a delightful aroma. We went up to a man and ordered. I got the Today’s special: Rossdown Farms Chicken Poutine Sandwich and my dad got the Pulled Beef Sandwich and the Curry Squash soup.

We ordered the Rossdown Farms Chicken Poutine Sandwich, the Pulled Beef sandwich and the curry squash soup.

The Rossdown Farms Chicken Poutine Sandwich had roasted chicken, gravy, cheddar cheese curds, crispy potato slices and truffle aioli. It was $9.5.

The Rossdown Farms Chicken Poutine Sandwich
The Pulled Beef Sandwich

When we ordered to the man, with a booming voice, he boomed out, “One special, and one beef!” After about a minute, we got our food. We quickly grabbed a seat, because it was so busy. I opened my box up and took my first bite. There was so much meat in the sandwich that after I was done, half of the meat was in the box, yet my sandwich was still overflowing (before I ate it all). The chicken was really juicy, the potatoes where really crispy, the cheese curds were really cheesy (of course), and the gravy in the sandwich surprisingly, didn’t make the bun soggy. It was really delicious. I give the sandwich :star: :star: star: :star: out of 5 stars.

I give the restaurant an overall rating 5 out of 5 stars. So if you are in the Downtown Vancouver area and looking for something to eat, than consider going to Meat and Bread. You’ve gotta eat there.

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Paliotti’s -Abbotsford

First off I would like to say that I’m sorry I have not posted a review for a while, so I am going to do a bunch off reviews from restaurants that I’ve already reviewed but not published yet. Starting with Paliotti’s -Abbotsford. So here we go!!!

Almost every time I visit my grandparents in Abbotsford, we go to Paliotti’s. One day I decided to review the restaurant.

I ordered the Cajun Chicken Penne. My mom and dad both ordered an 8 oz New York Steak, my sister ordered spaghetti and red sauce, my grandma ordered the Chicken Paliotti, and my grandpa got the baked tortelleni. We had to wait a long time for our food, but it was worth it. After a while, we got our food. I took my first bite and loved it. It was a little salty though, but still quite good. Overall, I give the Cajun Chicken Penne :star: :star: :star: :star: out of 5 stars. Getting all the opinions from everyone, (including me) altogether from everyone’s food, I would give (out of 10):

Taste: 7

Presentation: 7


Overall: 7

I give Paliotti’s an overall rating of :star: :star: :star: 1/2  out of 5 stars. Once again, I am sorry I have not published anything in a while. I hope you forgive me.