New Way to do Reviews

Hey! I’m just doing this post to tell you guys that from now on instead of say how many stars I rate a restaurant in my reviews, I will now use this symbol: ⭐️ a star. I hope that this will make it easy for you guys.


P.S- Please spread the word about my blog. Thx.

ALERT!!! ALERT!!! Special Event!

Coming Soon: Italian Cooking Week

Italian Cooking Week is coming to foodycentral. Check out the details in the new EVENTS page.

Best Sushi Place Ever!!!

Hey! If your looking for an awesome sushi place to eat at and you live in the Vancouver area you must check out Yo Sushi on Hastings St. in Burnaby. I have all ready reviewed it. You can check out the review on the REVIEW page. I hope you go to YO SUSHI!!!


P.S- Meet the head chef/owner Yo! He’s a really nice guy. 🙂


Hello Food World!!!

Hello!!! I’m Ty. I’m going to be reviewing restaurants and food trucks around Vancouver and some times in the United States. I will rate the restaurants and food trucks from 1-5 stars. 1 star is bad and 5 stars is awesome. I will also post recipes from other websites or from my family. I will post at least 1 recipe a week. I hope you enjoy my food blog!!!