🔥🍜 Extremely Spicy Korean Noodles 🍜🔥

 A couple weeks ago, my Uncle Roger gave me the spiciest noodles in South Korea. I put the noodles in a pot and filled it with water. Then, I boiled it on HIGH heat for 3-4 mins. After I drained the water out of the pot, I put the noodles into the bowl and poured the packaging into the noodles. As soon as I put the packaging on the noodles, they turned blood red. I took me an 2 hours and 4 ½ mugs of water to finish the noodles. I know water makes it spicier, but we had ran out of milk., so I had no choice. I loved the noodles, so I give it…

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+9 Pepper Pots

5 thoughts on “🔥🍜 Extremely Spicy Korean Noodles 🍜🔥”

  1. Good job on finishing the noodles Mr. Ty, but the noodles didn’t look as red as when I made the package, hmm. Did you not put the whole package of spice in? Just wondering.

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